Playing with Poetry at New Lynn Library

I had such a fun afternoon!  I got to hang out with some wonderful young poets at New Lynn Library.

We read some poetry by Laura Ranger and talked about how she uses poetic comparisons to create interesting images in the reader’s mind.  The writers came up with some great poetic comparisons of their own.  Here’s a few by talented 10 year old writer, Oleg.


The grass is waving as if it is changing into the ocean.

Anger is an enemy.

Happiness is a feeling of freedom.


I particularly love Oleg’s first image!  We talked about how poetry is a bit like painting.  If you shut your eyes and listen to a great line, like Oleg’s, you’ll see lots of pictures in your head.

The poems below have some wonderful images in them…

My Dog Spark



My mum is like meHer eyes are blackShe goes everywhere, fastlike a rabbit.

We were inspired by these two poems by Laura.  The first one is a bit cheeky!

DisappearWhat I would Take Out of the World

We created our own poems about things we’d like to get rid of…

What I would take out the world, Nafisa

I would takecats out of the worlddogs are way betterI would take away mean as bad guysAnd things like electric shocksand lightning...I would take them out too.

We wrote about things we like too…


I like going to the parkand swingingon the swings I goas high as the Sky TowerI shoot down the slideso fast. (1)

I would take all the story books out of the worldI'd take a happy dogAnd giant watermelonJustforme.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lois and the New Lynn Library for hosting us.  We had so much fun!


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