Celebrating National Poetry Day, 2017

The power of poetry was unleashed on August 25th for Phantom Billstickers National Poetry Day. There were more than 100 events, workshops and competitions happening all over NZ. Acclaimed poets, new voices, young writers, and poetry enthusiasts were involved in the celebrations. There was slam poetry, sonnets, poetry on stages and pavements and more. Poetry was created and enjoyed in cafes, bars, schools, university campuses, community centres, retirement villages, marae, libraries and theatres – as well as on buses, trains and ferries.

It was like Christmas for poetry lovers!

Paula Green, Gus Simonovic and I had a blast at our Children’s Poetry Party in west Auckland. It was a real treat to listen to young poets reading their work. Paula’s interactive poetry was fantastic and inspiring.

Here’s a few pics from the day…


Children's Poetry Party (1)

Gus, Diane Blomfield and I popped down to Titirangi Village on Sunday for more poetry fun. Children wrote poems on the pavement and read their work to promote the wonderful Going West Festival.



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