New Poetry – June 2018

Check out this outstanding poem by Jacob Birks from Belmont Intermediate.  The writer and activist Audrey Lorde said, ‘Poetry is not a luxury.  It is a vital necessity of our existence.’ Poems like Jacob’s prove this point.  Well done Jacob.  We hope to see more of your work!


Palm trees crash to the groundWe tread on more animals homes. But people still look on.Oil tankers dumping waste.Dead fish float to the surface.For really no particular purpose.But peopl

Here’s one of my favourite poems of the year.  I particularly like the line, ‘even the ant steals’.  It was written by Saskia Nyhoff from Belmont Intermediate.  Well done Saskia!

I Wish for no Evil.jpg


Here’s a stunning poem by Selena Wang.  See if you can spot the wonderful metaphor in the first stanza (that’s the name for a paragraph in a poem).  It will create a lovely image in your head!

Selena Wang


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