Feature Poets: April – June 2016

Poet of the Week – June 10

This week’s poet is Arth.  Arth is 6 and he lives in Auckland.  He’s a wonderful writer and his poems are always filled with loads of personality!

Here’s some of his recent work…

My Name is Arth

Poet of the Week – April 25

This week’s talented poet is Kalo H.

Kalo has taken up an enthusiasm for writing in the past 2 of his 10 years on the planet.  As an author, his joy is in twisting funny one-liners into creative wordplay.

Here’s some of his recent work…

My Secret Name - Kalo

Poet of the Week – April 18

Meet Erin, our talented Poet of the Week,Erin.jpg

Hi my name is Erin, I am 8 years old. I have 2 brothers but only one alive.

I have the nicest Maths teacher. My favourite subject is English.

My first food was banana and I love poetry. I also hate to go food shopping, my mum loves it.


Here’s one of Erin’s fantastic poems… enjoy!

Children's Colour Poems

Poet of the Week – April 11

Meet Jack, our wonderful young poet of the week!Jack on gondola

Jack is 3 and he loves creating short stories and poems.

‘I tell Mummy my ideas and she writes them down,’ says Jack.  ‘I am the boss and Mummy is the worker.’

You’ll be seeing lots of Jack’s work on The Runcible Spoon.  His mum, Caroline, is the Editor.  ‘I help Mummy with her work’, he says.  ‘We do lots of poetry.’

Jack is excited about learning to write. ‘One day I want to learn how to write words.  When I am a man I want to write a book on my own about Wuncie-Wuncie.’

Here’s one of Jack’s fantastic poems… enjoy!

On the Rain Swing