New Poetry – July 2016

Young children are natural poets!

These two imaginative poems were created by preschool children.

Playcentre Poem

The Earth Spins on Little Cogs

Creating poetry with non-writers is loads of fun.  You can get things started by asking a few questions to prompt poetic thinking.  I usually ask things like; ‘what does the rain taste like?’ or ‘what does that tree look like?

Sometimes I write these ideas down but other times I just enjoy playing.  The great thing about listening to children’s poetic ideas is that they take you back to your own childhood. They remind you of what it was like to live in the world of the imagination.

If I do write down children’s poetic observations I try hard not to interrupt the creativity.  I often choose a quiet time later on to read the observations back to children.  Then  I ask them how they would like them to be ordered.

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